Living Room

Did you know that there's a new exhibit at the Santa Susana Train Depot? For the first time Simi Valley residents will be able to see how railroad agents and their families lived more than seventy five years ago in the historic Santa Susana Railroad Depot. The newest section of the museum - the railroad agent residence located on the second floor, is open! "As we have shown and explained the Depot to patrons over the years, many have asked to see how the railroad agents lived with their families in the upstairs residence area." said Tom Bergh, Santa Susana Train Depot Museum Director. The upstairs area has been converted into a museum that includes furniture and decorations with a mid-1930s theme to coincide with the most appropriate time period that the Depot was in operation. Docents will now be able to escort a few visitors at a time upstairs for viewing. The newly decorated upstairs area will provide Docents an opportunity to feature former railroad agents and their families, and share stories about their experiences.




The kitchen is outfitted with all 1940's equipment including an ice box, old fashion stove, mixer and vintage boxes.




Dinning Room

The Dinning room features an antique buffet with original dinnerware.