Southern Pacific Railroads’s Owensmouth Depot





The Southern Pacific Railroad’s 22 mile long line between Chatsworth and Burbank junction was built to tap into the large wheat farms of the San Fernando Valley.  Other towns of note along the line early in the last century were Lankershim (Now known as North Hollywood), Marian (Now known as Reseda) and Owensmouth, which is today’s Canoga Park. Owensmouth was a few miles south of Chatsworth, and was located on the northeast corner of Sherman Way and Canoga Avenue. The old SP “common standard” freight building with its original yellow paint is still standing along next to its still intact main and siding tracks just to the south of Sherman Way.   


    The Pacific Electric’s line through the San Fernando traveled from downtown Van Nuys and ended on Sherman Way one block west of the Owensmouth Depot. Not only could people take the PE all the way to Downtown Los Angeles, but SP’s Burbank Branch had its own local passenger trains as well, including the “Toluca Flyer”.