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Broadway limited RSD15 Santa Fe:

For the first time a manufactures produces the Alco RSD15 with sound, I couldn’t believe it. And to top it off in the original black and white strip model and also the pin strip model.


The packaging needs to improve compared to Tower 55, Atlas, Athearn and Tower 55. Plus doesn’t compare to the 4-8-4 Northern packaging, which brings it up to that signature quality level. The model comes with mostly plastic parts and nicely detailed.


As with most of BLI’s trains a solid performer, but programming need to be done on the main by using CV17. However, JMRI new version (1.7.3) does program these correctly. But, a booster is needed otherwise there is not enough voltage to program.

The sound is QSI sound and typical:
On a rating from 1-10
F1 - Bell pretty good. 8
F2 - Horn Very good. 9
F3 - Uncouple. Ok. 5
F4 – Fans. Great 9
F5 – Dynamic brakes – hmmm ok 8
F6- Air blow off. Excellent 9
F7 - Brake squeal - 6
F8 - Mute. Excellent 9
F10 – ID when idle, when running speed in MPH. Excellent 10
F11 – Number board lights – Excellent 10 (great feature to turn these on and off)

Mostly I would rate this very high up in comparison to other manufactures and recommend it for the serious model

Overall rating (1-10) 9


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